Brand New Website, Brand New Me

After a bit of a break, I’m ready to start shooting again and creating magic!

There are a few reasons I stopped shooting about a year and a half ago.  For one, I got burnt out, like many new photographers do when they take on too much work for too little pay. I ran into a few problems as well, such as when my brand new full frame Nikon D610 fell off my couch and broke right open. I sent it off to Nikon to get repaired and they declared it “unrepairable”. I hadn’t bought the protection plan or had my camera on my insurance and so I was simply out $1600 and couldn’t afford to replace it. I sold all my extra gear, including my second camera body and lenses so that I could buy a used Nikon D610 on Ebay for $1100. This time around I’m paying for insurance, protection plans, the whole 9 yards.

Another reason I stopped shooting was I felt a bit isolated being a one man team and I wanted to work with a group of people again. I got a job with NAF and for awhile it was great. Then I remembered what it’s like to be stuck at work for 40 hours a week and have very little time for anything else. So this time around I’m going to reach out more and create my own team of friends and creative peoples.

I really want to make it work this time, and will be going into full time business owner mode. The kids will both be in school by the end of this year and I’ll have some time and energy to invest into my business and my art. So get ready everybody, I’m going to work hard for YOU while at the same time making more time for my family. And kudos to my husband for sticking it out in the military for 12 years so far so that I can follow my dreams, and for all of his unending support. XOXO

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